The idea behind cyberthreat intelligence is to provide the ability to recognize and act upon indicators of attack and compromise scenarios in a timely manner. While bits of information about attacks abound, cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) recognizes indicators of attacks as they progress, in essence putting these pieces together with shared knowledge about attack methods and processes. Hunter

It takes people – analysts with the right understanding of not just technical issues, but of your company, your business, your challenges, and your industry. As the volume of data, business risks, and adversaries continues to grow, the shortage of human cycles and the availability of talent have become critical constraints. WESTSIDE VIRTUAL offers multiple tiers of intelligence analyst support services to help you fill the gaps in your threat intelligence operations.

We constantly monitor CTI feeds for issues like rogue applications, data leaks, phishing, fraud, and copyright and trademark violations, that can pose a threat to your employees, your physical and digital infrastructure, and your brand.

Our goal is to discover online risks, threats, actors, and content that warrant a second look or a deeper dive. If you don’t have the staff to handle investigations in-house, we offer capabilities for all of your needs for open-source threat intelligence (OSINT) investigations.